Conciergerie privee UUU
    Welcome to a new dimension in luxury, prestige and the famous French ‘art de vivre’ …
a whole world of peerless privilege
UUU Private    
UUU PRIVATE is an international company specialising in providing luxury concierge services to VIPs everywhere. Since it was founded in 2003, UUU PRIVATE has attracted an elite circle of clients, composed of businessmen and businesswomen, diplomats, celebrities and artists – UUU’s mission is to accompany them all over the world, in the most exclusive and personal way possible.

Combining the famous French elegance and refined art de vivre with a constant striving for excellence, UUU PRIVATE guarantees it will provide the perfect, personal answer to its members’ desires. Besides exceptional performance and total availability, UUU PRIVATE is committed to unheard-of levels of service and experiences that are quite simply out of this world
Wholly focused on your comfort and desires, UUU PRIVATE and its team of “Lifestyle Counsellors” will give you the chance to experience the sublime. By getting to know exactly who you are and what makes you tick (in total confidence, naturally), they will be able to find just what you are looking for and recommend places that are entirely in keeping with your expectations and mind-set.

… let us take you to a whole new world of peerless privilege.

UUU Private
UUU Private