Conciergerie d'entreprise UUU
     ULTIMATE Personal Assistant
Conciergerie Privée
Conciergerie privée
Conciergerie Privee
ULTIMATE Personal Assistant
  • Tailor-made ideas and personalised suggestions: travel, holiday-home rental, yachts, designer and luxury hotels etc.
  • Last-minute bookings and special access: renowned restaurants, theatre/film premieres, sporting and cultural events
  • Exclusive access to our special Leisure, Fashion and Beauty addresses: priority membership of sports clubs, golf-clubs, spas and gyms, Fashion-Beauty-Design shopping trips, image consultants etc.
  • Top-of-the-range home-based services: personal coaching, massages, gourmet chef, party planning, dry-cleaning, house-keeping, flower deliveries, baby-sitting etc
  • Rare items and unusual presents
  • Solutions to out-of-the-ordinary requests etc.


 Treat your special colleagues to something a bit different
  ULTIMATE Personal Assistant