Conciergerie d'entreprise UUU
   “ CORPORATE Membership ”  
The UUU CORPORATE Service can be accessed via annual membership, whose price is determined by a personal quote established according to the following specific criteria:

  • Number of associates requiring the service
  • Desired availability timetable

To this end, the team at UUU CORPORATE is at your disposal to help you find the formula most suited to your needs.

Once you have joined the scheme, you will be able to access all services provided by UUU CORPORATE, for one year:

  • Unlimited access to Concierge Services for specific associates (individual concierge(s) on request
  • Unlimited access to project and event management
  • 5 days a week, 9am – 8pm availability
  • 24/7 availability or other time-frame – details on request

Our White Label and Concierge Desk services are tailor-made services, with the range and level of customisation that suits your requirements.

If you would like a detailed quote for your project, please contact the team at UUU CORPORATE.